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Boxers, boxer shorts, boxer briefs and etc coded

Men's Boxer / Boxer

Boxer define the garment worn directly in contact with the body, starting below the belly button, covering genetic organs and ends above the knees.

In addition to their design, the most important distinction is in the way they fit to the body.

There are two main categories:

  • Comfortable (loose) Boxers usually have open front and buttons or boxer shorts, or trunks
  • The elastic boxers that get the body shape. Their length may be from the upper thigh to well above the knee.

Boxer Shorts

Most baggy boxers in the international market called boxer shorts or trunks. It is the garment comes from 1920 and is considered the most classic men's underwear. The name comes from the athletes boxing wearing these shorts during boxing matches.

Made of simple fabrics without elasticity. Classic woven fabrics but also more modern and knitted fabrics. In the Greek market are with composition 100% cotton and cotton in various proportions with polyester or other cheaper materials to lower the final price. The use of fabrics with mixtures of other materials in addition to cotton can cause problems during use of the boxers with unpleasant results (odor, moisture, heating) and best to be avoided. In our category of boxer shorts you will find only 100% cotton.

Elastic boxer

The elastic boxer, became well known in Greece in early 2000. They are made from different materials and always with a 5-10% elastan. Depending preference length may be too short, regular and long.

  • The close-fitting boxer ending hips before starting the thigh. It is less warm than the other two and are preferred by those who are bothered by the leg-thigh. Similar to those are worn by the female gender.
  • The usual tight boxer, is approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the thigh. Depending on the design, implementation body and the final length, can be folded or gathered annoying under the pants.
  • Long boxer is the most rare and usually preferred as warmer and sports pursuits, since holding the muscles and cause no discomfort as would not fold.

The tight boxer move abroad in many material compositions. The reasons are both costs and other special purposes they may have. Thus we find in the market underwear:

  • Polyester and others. Especially for different designs printed on the fabric, work best when made in synthetic fabric, not cotton. The cheap solution usually polyester, creates unpleasant problems such as overheating, humidity, odors and in conjunction with that are still tight and rash.
  • Cotton. Cotton as already mentioned is always a safe choice.
  • Micromodal. The micromodal is the development of materials for comfortable, pleasant and healthy underwear. It is more expensive than cotton and better and really worth the money. Here you will find Micromodal boxers
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