Micromodal is the King

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Micromodal underwear are more expensive, are they worth it?

People often asks me why micromodal underwear are more expensive then cotton and whats the difference between the two fibers.

Firstly, the only similarity is that the modal cotton and cellulose fibers are of plant origin. Beyond that the differences begins: The cotton produced just by mechanical means while the micromodal produced by chemical processes. The micromodal fibers are more delicate then the larger modal fibers.

The easiest thing that you can understand by your self is the extreme softness of the underwear made from micromodal. The soft fabric is extremely friendly to the skin. So friendly that you forget that you wear it. Micromodal has a silky sheen that no cotton fabric can compare it. Also micromodal has more vibrant and rich colors. Both color and texture has excellent resistance to washing. The underwear withstand years.

It has incredible behavior in the temperature maintaining properties. Micromodal keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also excellent for people who sweat easily and athletes becuse it quickly absorbs moisture and evaporates it away from the body.

The sense of modal underwear is unique. When you wear it at the beginning you sense the "touch" the soft fabric and then feel that probably forgot to put underwear. Please note that there is a lot different types of micromodal fabric in the market, not all suitable for underwear . If you want the best micromodal underwear, you can view our collection from related underwear bellow.

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