Cotton is the king of natural fibres

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Cotton, what more?

How many cottons?

How Much Cotton Are There?
Cotton is the most important raw material for underwear production. The plant seeds are protected within what we know as medicinal cotton. Greece is agricultural producer in large quantities and in excellent quality.

During its agricultural production it can be contaminated by pesticides, environmental contamination or by fungi. These qualities are channeled to third countries to produce cheaper clothing and by-products.

Cotton is distinguished in 3 grades according to the natural length of its fiber.

The first and more expensive, it provides long fiber that is extremely threaded, and gives excellent durability. The characteristics of good quality cotton are
• The fluff has a soft and excellent touch
• Not punctured, not torn
• Does not show knots during use and washing.

The process of producing a cotton lingerie
• starts with picking the field production,
• in the gin where it is cleaned
• spinning in a thread (thread)
• in our knitwear where the delicate yarn is knitted into fabric,
• to the bleacher to bleach or paint and finish
• in factory the fabric will be cut and sewn to take the shape of the lingerie.

All of our cotton LORD products are exclusively made from Greek cotton, a quality, long lasting, pesticide free and contaminated.

To put your thinking in a cost-effective way, a cheap open end-carded cotton underwear can cost one-third of a combed cotton underwear.

Lord's underwear is made exclusively of high quality combed cotton.

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