Certified Reusable face masks

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They came into our lives for the first time in March and apparently will stay for a long time. The reason for the fabric reusable face masks that first appeared due to lack of disposable paper masks.

But what are the criteria for choosing a mask? First of all, we should know that simple paper masks offer similar protection to the fabric and neither the paper nor the fabric masks protect the user 100%, but more protect our neighbor from our droplets. Masks with a high degree of protection are FFP2 / FFP3, but they are recommended for medical use by staff and relatives who care for infectious patients. To protect the general population and limit the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, fabric masks are recommended worldwide. The "wash-put" property of the fabric mask protects our pocket and the environment.

Fabric masks have been made available in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, industries, hotels, restaurants, cafes and we now find them everywhere.

Fabric masks must be made of at least two pieces of suitable soft fabric. The fabric should be soft to reduce friction with the skin. Improper sheets used for cheaper masks can cause irritation, redness and then sores from long hours of use. The ideal fabric is soft, non-irritating and elastic so that it can be applied on the face without gaps. If the mask you have is not double or reminds you of old sheets, throw it away.

The rail that will tie the mask to our face should be made of cotton elastic fabric or rubber so that there is good contact with the face without gaps. Cotton rails can be washed and ironed and remain the same, the rubber needs attention to ironing.


You will need to choose your mask depending on the intended use:

For everyday short use (for everyday shopping), the simple fabric mask that washes at 60 to 90. If we want to feel safer, there is also the mask with a thicker fabric that is difficult to breathe. Let's not forget the children's masks that cover ages up to 15-16 years.


For adults who want a neat purchase, face masks are available with a rubber band on the ears for a great fit without gaps.


For the professional, there are professional masks with rubber bands behind the head. They are specially designed so that they do not fall even when you bend over at work. They apply extremely without gaps and accept the company's logo. Finally with the professional ones, you can take your break, temporarily lowering the mask around your neck. It is better than contaminating it by holding it in your hand or resting it on a surface.


Ideally, each mask should be changed every 2-3 hours or as soon as it gets wet. Masks that are not frequently replaced can cause respiratory infections. Wash the mask with a simple detergent and iron it with plenty of steam to sterilize (not the tires) #menoumeasfaleis

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