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Is there other natural fibres except cotton?

First define what is a natural fiber. Is a different thing to say natural, from the "natural origin". There are products that use the word natural to fit products that isn't 100% natural. Natural is the fiber from which we can obtain it without chemical treatments, reactions and / or impurities.

In addition to cotton, other natural fibers are: cotton

  • Wool and
  • flax

In addition to the natural fiber, there are plant fibers like NATURAL ORIGIN:

  • Micromodal and Modal,
  • Viscose,
  • Rayon and
  • Bamboo

The modal or micromodal, the viscose or rayon, produced from cellulose pulp trunk different trees. The bamboo by the same process, only the Bamboo trunk. To obtain the yarn which will then we produce the fabric, is required some chemical treatments. A snapshot is below.


The vegetable fibers have clearly different properties than cotton (e.g. the modal is three times more soft), better resistance to washing and ironing, etc., properties which arise through the industrial research and product development. The best fiber for use in underwear is Micromodal which is considered absolutely safe because European production is done in a controlled environment and with strict criteria. More about micromodal


Environmentally the native natural fibers, cotton, flax and wool are safer for people with sensitivities and allergies as there is no chemical treatment to obtain the necessary fiber to weave the fabric. Each natural fiber has its own characteristics that make it unique. However, cotton is the king of natural fibers in lingerie applications because the properties make it ideal. Wool and flax cause an annoying sensation on the body during their use as underwear.

More about the cotton and the different qualities

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