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Elina needed a special panty for her cast

The Mother of Little Elina (the name is random-for reference) called us and asked us to help in her daughter problem (hip spica cast)

Elina is a happy 11 year old girl and has both her legs in plaster /cast. As long as this is not enough, there is also a stick / beam that holds the plaster and legs, at a steady distance.

hip spica cast
Because of her condition, she cannot use her previous underwear.

The solution to use a disposable diaper would be unbearable for the 11-year-old girl's psychology.

So we had to give a functional solution to last for a few months that Elina would remain in bed and make her happy.

Our team designed a prototype underwear and after informing the mother of Elina, we produce it, so Elina would try a panty with Velcro.

Some of the solutions proposed and rejected because they were not functional in everyday use were:

  • Buttons
  • Hook type joints
  • Tricks hit

The panty was produced in pink and with various prints.

In technical features:
• 100% Cotton
• Wide rubber in the weist
• Rubber strap in legs
• Several prints in the center

• 4 Velcro pieces for fastening

underwear for special needs hip spica cast

The points chosen to sew the Velcro were suitable so that there is no inconvenience to Elina when using the undergarment sacrificing any "elegance" for the sake of comfort.

The chosen velcro was from the 4th quality scale to be as soft as possible, easy bondable and to withstand washing without decreasing performance.

underwear for cast
Elina would be a disabled kid for a very short time in her life. In Lord, we tried to make a little more enjoyable that month to her.

We wish you Elina a quick recovery and many smiles!

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